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Capital Cube – How AI Can Help Investors Make Better Investment Decisions


Nov 25, 2023


Capital Cube - How AI Can Help Investors Make Better Investment Decisions

We helped communicate Cube Capital’s investment philosophy and edge via internal (employee) and external (investor) perception research. This included corporate and CEO profiles and numerous contributed articles in relevant investor-facing publications. We also supported the launch of their integrated treasury & ALM platform. It provides a real-time view of exposures and risk, aiding the treasurer to strategically manage the balance sheet.

AI-Driven Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a critical part of decision-making in the world of finance. It involves assessing the financial health of companies and analyzing market trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed this area by introducing predictive analytics and risk assessment capabilities. By leveraging AI-powered tools, investors can make data-driven decisions more efficiently. From identifying market trends to monitoring company performance, AI has a powerful role in guiding financial institutions’ investments.

North American ETF Analysis

Using natural language generation, capital cube produces on-demand financial analysis reports for 50,000 worldwide stocks and North American ETFs. Capable of 100 billion daily computations, the system transforms complex data into digestible narratives and visuals to help investors make informed investment decisions. The firm’s fund of funds, Cube Global Multi-Strategy (CGMS) invests in a range of strategies. But it also deploys direct investments at times to take advantage of specific market dislocations that offer outsized returns.

Stock & ETF Screeners

There are thousands of stocks and ETFs in the United States. A stock screener can help you find ones that meet specific financial criteria, like low valuations or high dividend growth. Some screens can also include nonfinancial considerations such as a company’s environmental impact or if it has morally questionable practices. However, keep in mind that no screener can account for every conceivable criteria. This is why it is essential to evaluate your own investment objectives, risk appetite and time horizon before choosing a strategy.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves thorough analysis of key financial data points in order to get a feel for a company’s health and potential. This method can be especially helpful for investors who want to take a long-term approach to investing. It also includes studying economic news releases. For example, if you’re trading forex, analyzing a country’s planned economic releases can give you insight into what to expect in the coming week.

Corporate Actions

Corporate actions, whether voluntary or mandatory, can significantly impact a company’s share price. These can include name changes, dividends and even mergers. All Corporate Actions require communication with the market and investors. However, current rules and regulations lack standardization of announcements and event data elements. Currently, financial services firms spend significant resources sorting through and sourcing Corporate Action event details. Standardizing this information could dramatically cut costs for these firms and their clients.

Dividend Quality

A dividend is a share of ongoing earnings distributed to shareholders. Companies with sustainable dividends tend to have a high return on equity, stable year-over-year earnings growth and low financial leverage. A quality dividend overlay can reduce concentration risks found within technology sector leaning strategies that rely on traditional factor exposures alone. This approach may help investors mitigate the impact of rising interest rates as well as late cycle challenges.

Earnings Quality

Net income is one of the primary metrics used to value a business. Earnings quality is about whether or not that number is accurate and sustainable. Companies that adhere to generally accepted accounting principles tend to have more reliable earnings data. In an earnings quality analysis, we look at the details of a company’s accrual-based financial statements to ensure that their reported net income is consistent with actual cash transactions and expenses. core banking solutions in india stands as a valuable tool in the financial landscape, providing users with insightful analytics and comprehensive data for informed decision-making.

ESG Analysis

ESG investors are interested in how a company combats climate change, uses renewable energy sources, and reduces its carbon footprint. They also look for a company’s commitment to human rights and labor standards. Companies with strong ESG ratings are believed to better anticipate future risks and opportunities, be more prone to long-term strategic thinking, and to be more focused on sustainable business projects. This helps create a more positive impact on the world.

Pre-Revenue Analysis

A pre-revenue valuation is an estimate of a company’s value that takes into account its potential for future growth and market traction. While determining pre-revenue valuations can be challenging, there are a number of different methods that can help investors evaluate the potential for success of a new startup. One way to determine a pre-revenue valuation is to consider the company’s stage of development. This can include things like how far along the product is in its development and whether it has any traction with customers.


Integrated treasury & ALM platform that fuels business growth for the treasurer by monitoring liquidity exposures, balance sheet volatility and capital buffers. Also helps treasurers comply with regulatory regimes and optimize liquidity and leverage risk. The startup raised $30 million from Battery Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Bonfire Ventures. It joins a crowded field of companies aiming to improve finance teams’ workflows by replacing spreadsheets.

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