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Card Phone Price in Bangladesh


Oct 26, 2023

Card Phone Price in Bangladesh
Card Phone 

Welcome to the ultimate guide on card phone prices in Bangladesh. In a world dominated by smartphones, these compact and practical devices are making a resurgence, catering to those who seek simplicity and functionality. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the various aspects of card phones, their prices, and why they are still relevant in Bangladesh.

Card Phone Price in Bangladesh

Card phones, also known as feature phones, offer basic communication features without the bells and whistles of modern smartphones. Let’s delve into the details.

Card Phones vs. Smartphones

In a world of smartphones, why would anyone opt for a card phone? We’ll compare the two and highlight the advantages of choosing a card phone.


Card phones are known for their affordability. Learn how you can get a reliable device without breaking the bank.

Essential Features

Explore the essential features that card phones offer, from long battery life to call quality, making them a practical choice.

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Discover where to find cheap feature phones in Bangladesh, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Where to Buy

We will guide you on where to buy card phones in Bangladesh, both online and offline, and offer tips for finding the best deals.

Top Brands

Explore the top card phone brands available in Bangladesh, with a focus on quality and durability.

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Learn about the most durable feature phones available in Bangladesh, ideal for long-term use.

Card Phone Prices

Get an overview of card phone prices in Bangladesh, covering a range of options to suit your budget.

Price Ranges

We will categorize card phone prices into different ranges, helping you find the perfect device within your budget.

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Discover budget-friendly feature phones in Bangladesh that offer great value for your money.

Value for Money

We’ll help you understand how card phones provide excellent value for your money, considering their features and price.

Card Phones for Specific Needs

Explore how card phones cater to specific needs, such as elderly users, students, and those seeking a backup device.

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Discover card phones designed with features that make them suitable for elderly users in Bangladesh.


Are card phones suitable for elderly users in Bangladesh? Absolutely! Many card phones in Bangladesh come with features tailored for elderly users, such as larger buttons and louder speakers.

Can I find affordable card phones in Bangladesh? Yes, you can find a wide range of affordable card phones in Bangladesh to suit different budgets.

What are the top card phone brands in Bangladesh? The top card phone brands in Bangladesh include Nokia, Samsung, and Symphony, known for their quality and reliability.

Where can I buy card phones in Bangladesh? You can purchase card phones from various mobile phone shops, electronics stores, or online marketplaces like Daraz and AjkerDeal.

Do card phones have long battery life? Yes, card phones are renowned for their long battery life, making them a reliable choice for extended usage.

Why are card phones still popular in Bangladesh? Card phones are popular in Bangladesh due to their affordability, simplicity, and reliability, catering to a wide range of users.


In conclusion, card phones in Bangladesh offer a practical and affordable alternative to modern smartphones. They cater to a diverse audience, including those with specific needs and budget constraints. Whether you’re a student, an elderly user, or simply looking for a backup device, card phones provide a reliable solution. Their long battery life and essential features make them a valuable choice in the fast-paced world of technology.

Remember, when it comes to card phone prices in Bangladesh, it’s not just about affordability but also about finding the perfect device to meet your communication needs. So, choose wisely and stay connected with a reliable card phone.


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