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How ‘Digital Closeness’ is Shaping Businesses, According to Dmitry Volkov, founder of Social Discovery Group


Apr 24, 2024

The concept of ‘digital closeness’ has gained significant power in recent years, thanks in part to the enduring popularity of the movie “Her”. The film tells the story of Theodore, a man who finds comfort in the closeness with an artificial intelligence agent Samantha. This idea holds particular relevance in today’s life.

A survey performed in 2020 among 950 Americans revealed that 61% of adults aged 18 to 25 experience the presence of solitude. COVID-19 has further emphasized the importance of digital intimacy as a means to cope with social disconnection. Dmitry Volkov, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Founder of Social Discovery Group, shares his insights on this phenomenon and its potential future.

“It is not only possible but already taking place today for individuals to create intimacy with artificial beings. Conversational AI-powered apps are being developed to combat social disconnection by studying and transforming to users’ needs, providing a sense of comfort, like Samantha for Theodore in the movie. While some may view these unconventional relationships as challenging traditional norms, many users are today maintaining digital connections, with some even engaging in metaverse dating.” – believes Dmitry Volkov

According to Statista, approximately half of the global society uses social media, spending an average of 2.5 hours of their day on social apps. Dmitry Volkov has observed this trend primarily through his business, SDG, where people appeal to AI companions for emotional support and conversation, enhancing their overall well-being.

As societal dynamics continue to evolve, the development of digital relationships becomes increasingly necessary in addressing loneliness and disconnection. One notable aspect of this digital-based intimacy is the absence of geographical constraints. Unlike traditional closeness that frequently rely on physical connection, digital relationships are not limited by location.

Dmitry Volkov, Founder of Social Discovery Group, has witnessed a growing acceptance of digital intimacy and urges company owners and social discovery businesses to adapt their thinking accordingly. It is essential to acknowledge the shifting perceptions and the potential that digital-based relationships hold. However, entering this market poses challenges, as it is already saturated with social discovery platforms. To stand out from the crowd, companies must identify an original niche and offer a compelling value proposition.

In conclusion, tech businesses in the social discovery industry should explore strategies to target, engage, and connect with digital-based users, ensuring their online platforms keep users captivated and satisfied.

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